Facial animation doesn't reset after changing rigs in animation editor

I couldn’t post this in bug reports so I’m posting here. I also can’t mention the Bug Support group so this is gonna be a bigger problem than I thought.

I have a problem with the animation editor in the moment. Whenever I try to switch rigs in the animation editor, the face doesn’t reset to it’s default parameters and instead stays to the parameters it has before. And when closing the editor, the rig that I’m not editing has the face stay there, except for the one I’m currently animating. Here’s a video demonstrating this bug. I modified it due to size limitations.

I found a temporary fix for this by making a new animation onto a rig. Then, I switched to another rig and simply closed the animator. I want a long term official fix on the way asap since I don’t want to deal with this any longer. This has been going on ever since this was released. Any help would be appreciated.