Facility Rolelplay Guide!

Welcome To [CL] Facility Roleplay!

This game was brought to you by ConX Studios owned by @BlueConX, the game takes place in an alternate 2020s-2030s where the United States of America has come under the rule of the United Federation of New Columbia after a Major Biological Incident left the majority of her people and government Devastated, now it is up to you to pick up the peace’s with the help of Centum Laboratories and never let another disaster like this ever occur again!

Note that we do not refund for action taken based on rule-breaking. Make sure that you play safe and don’t break the rules to avoid action being taken.


  1. Glitching (including abusing bugs) - Server/Game ban (Made longer or permanent if continued)
  2. Exploiting - Permanent game ban Disrespect of game staff
  3. Verbal warning Toxicity - Verbal warning or server kick, dependent upon severity
  4. Roblox filter bypassing - Kick server/game ban if continued
  5. "Mini-moderation" - Verbal warning
  6. Intentional disruption of moderation - Verbal warning Abuse of detain - Verbal warning (Server kick/ban if continued)
  7. Staff impersonation - Server ban, game ban if continued
  8. Moderation evasion (via resetting) - Server ban
  9. Moderation evasion (via leaving) - Game ban
  10. Spawn/Vent Camping - Verbal warning, kick if continued (Only Osiris/Research Subjects are allowed in vents)
  11. Miscellaneous violations of Roblox ToS (that you’re aware of) - Game ban - https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004647846-Roblox-Terms-of-Use
  12. Radio Spam - Radio Mute, Ban if continued. (Made longer or permanent if continued)
  13. False reports - Server/Game ban (Made longer or permanent if continued)
  14. advertise or perform transactions outside of the game - If someone tells you to buy an item in exchange for something in [CL] Facility Roleplay when said product/item is not in the game itself / on the game’s store page, chances are it’s a scam. Be aware.

Ranking/Blanks Information. - CL:FR Team XP/Blanks/Robux Stats - Google Docs

Appeals can be made in the ConX Studios Support & Appeals Server


Make sure you follow all of the rules that are in this topic. It is very important that you do so.

We really hope that this forum was able to well inform you about the basic requirements and also rules of our game! if you feel that you have been falsely banned please contact a Trial Moderator+

Now, have some fun.