Factory Simulator Changelog (12/20/2021)

:cowboy_hat_face:Howdy, everyone!:wave:

Thank you so much for your patience and support these past few months.

The following changes were made to ‘Factory Simulator’:

01/28/2022 Changelog

:hammer_and_wrench: Game Loading Fixes! :hammer_and_wrench:
:wrench: ”Invisible Ores" should occur less now! :wrench:
:screwdriver: Player spawning should be less bugged now! :screwdriver:

Check out the update by clicking here!


:red_car: When nearby to a vehicle, it now shows the owners name! :red_car:

:construction_worker_woman: Billboards are more clear so you can easily see who owns a factory! :construction_worker_woman:

:star: Submarines now take VIP colors if you have VIP! :star:

01/14/2022 Changelog:

:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Patch: Game won’t force tutorials anymore for progressed players. :hammer_and_wrench:

:hammer_and_wrench: Controls Patch: Bug preventing the game from responding to UI clicks etc, was patched. :hammer_and_wrench:

:hammer_and_wrench: Minor Adjustment: Positioning of some furniture. :hammer_and_wrench:

:hammer_and_wrench: Minor Adjustment: Late T6 and T7 items pricing. :hammer_and_wrench:

:hammer_and_wrench: Titanium Glass recipe moved T2 to T3. :hammer_and_wrench:

01/07/2022 Changelog:

:chair: Furniture :chair:
- Each tier offers some additional cosmetic items including chairs and tables for you or your minions to lounge at your factory.

:busts_in_silhouette: Co-Op Phase 2 :busts_in_silhouette:
-Minions can mine and move whatever tier of items their boss has.

:hammer_and_wrench: Memory leak issue has been plugged. :hammer_and_wrench:

:memo: Fixed tutorial not showing for new players! :memo:

12/20/2021 Changelog:

:christmas_tree:Christmas Event (Scrooge vs Santa):christmas_tree:

:hammer_and_wrench:Major bug fix!:hammer_and_wrench:

:money_with_wings:New Cash Code!:money_with_wings:

12/11/2021 Changelog:

:bangbang::ocean:TIER 7 HAS BEED ADDED!:ocean::bangbang:

- :tractor:New Machines and Recipes!:tractor:

:speaking_head:Spatial Voice has been enabled! Adventure together and chat with your friendly neighborhood Glove Family ROBLOXians!:speaking_head:

:hammer_and_wrench:Added 2 additional plot expansions! Construct your coolest setups, with now even more space!:hammer_and_wrench:

:deciduous_tree:Map Changes!:deciduous_tree:

:red_car:A new vehicle was added!:red_car:

12/06/2021 Changelog:

:gift:Daily Rewards!:gift:

:gear:Co-Op & Daily Rewards prompts changed to Y.

:card_index_dividers:Internal command tool changes.:card_index_dividers:

11/23/2021 Changelog:

• New Turkey Zone!
• Turkeys have special recipes hidden in each Tier!
• Thanksgiving 2021 Badge was added!
• Improved/Fixed machine placement on tablets!

11/16/2021 Changelog:

• Co-Op Mode was added!

• A leaderboard was added! Race to become among richest on the leaderboard, and take lead!

- Walk up to players and select the, “request co-op” option that pops up. Once accepted, you will turn into a cool small minion, and able to interact with that specified players plot enabling you to be able to place, delete, and buy things, among more upcoming features!

- To leave co-op mode, do so by either clicking on the UI on your screen, or by walking back to your own base with the red field around it. You should return to normal size once you quit co-op mode.

- While in co-op mode, any funds you utilize will be taken from the plot owners wallet.