Faded_Aurora Builder Portfolio

Hello Everyone
My Name is Faded_Aurora and Im offering my services as a builder to you? someone else?
Anyways, I have been building for 8 months on ROBLOX and I am ready to work for you or someone else. I do maps and can make assets in blender.

Map I made in 1.5 days 6 hours in total

This is a new style for me, I can do terrain well, just buildings not so much such as house or towers. I do also make stuff in blender such as the trees the cactus’s and more!

Some low poly work

Sci work, Not very proud of it, Just putting it out on this!

Payment I charge well anything really what ever works best for you as long as it seems reasonable.
Or I can make some assets for you!

You can contact me through disc AuroraStudio#9148


Put this in portfolios my dude, nice stuff though.

Oh thank you I must’ve miss clicked, I didn’t even realize

I also can do little assets such as garbage cans or trees