Fading out light?

Hello, I have wanted to make a light that fades out, I have tried to do this a few times but none have worked how I wanted them to, I just started playing a mystery type game called “The Bar” and I have seen the perfect type of light I would use for my game inside this, I have taken
pictures of the lighting.

Do you mean the pointlight element itself or the actual effect that comes off of the light? If it’s the effect, it could be a mesh with a texture that fades towards the bottom- that would be my guess.

I am not talking about a point light, Though I don’t know what it is, it might be a fading out texture on a mesh.

I tried putting a fading out texture on a block before, but I have no experience with Photoshop and I probably couldn’t make my own, I also couldn’t find one that would fit at all. At the time I didn’t even know for sure that it was a texture.

Actually! I think I know, it’s something to do with beams. Not exactly sure how its done within the beam instance.

You might be right there, I have a small amount experience with beams and I have found beams that fade out. I will try and make one as a test.


I made a rough version that you can use, the texture couldve been less round but it works and could be changed easily.
Here ya go: Light Effect? - Roblox

Hope I helped.


Thanks! I was actually spending a while making my own, I will post it. Thanks a lot!

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