"Failed to connect" due to "Invalid Password"

Screenshot of error:

This always happens to me every now and then. Usually i’ll wait a day or two and it’ll fix by itself, but I just can’t afford to keep doing that. I’ve tried restarting my computer already. I haven’t reinstalled ROBLOX yet, because it still just keeps happening (and I lose all my plugins and script editor colors…).

If someone could please help me ASAP, that would be prime :slight_smile:

It sounds like are you using an outdated version of Studio. Have you tried closing all your Studio windows and reopening Studio to see if it will prompt you to update?

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Yeah I have. It seems to be fixed now, but I have no doubt it will happen again…

Roblox Studio version is actually not always the case.
I had that error couple of times, always had up-to-date version, and the only way to get into TC was just to try, try and try again. Eventually it let me in. I was using an old laptop back so things loaded for me very slowly.