"Failed to create image. Try again later"

This always happens when you create some sort of GUI shapes like rounded squares. Well, to be honest, this loading takes ages for about 2 minutes. Afterward, it needs improvement. When I go to my uploaded decals, it shows that it has been uploaded. However, I want this to be fixed, even though it works properly with it, it just can’t say “Failed to create image, try again later.” It’s like a trick whereas you try and try to upload images multiple times when all of them are the same. I’ve had this experience, in fact this is quite annoying to us who are struggling to upload images that are shapes and sizes. Please fix this, honestly.

Editor’s Note
This started a month ago when I started to make some kind of simple designs like rounded edge-square. I didn’t get to post this issue ever since I got too lazy to do it. As I suppose, this issue has been for a while now, just cause I wanted this to be patched and fixed already. It really gets a bit annoying. This is not like a normal bug to be honest, as I expect this to be a usual bug most of the times. This post is very similar to other posts that have contacted this issue as well.

Issue contacted

Windows 10
Dell PC 64x bit
Roblox Studio: Up to date (Beta Version)

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