Failed to load Animation - Sanitized Id Error

So i was making a custom animation for my character where I encounted an error. I made the animation and uploaded it to my group animation. When I tested it out it gave me this error
Failed to load animation - sanitized ID: rbxassetid://
But when i uploaded the animation into my account, i had no errors and everything was fine.
I need some explanation for this.

To run animations on your Roblox Studio you HAVE TO own it, meaning the animation needs to be in your inventory. (It should be some sort of protection aganist people stealing others animations or smth like that idk.)

no like i published it with my account on a group. But idk why it’s not working when i test in studio. Or in other words, i made the animation and i uploaded it on my group. Howeve, i am not the owner but a developer.

Same thing happened to me, I just finished 2 animations and uploaded them to then try them out and I get the error. I hope its just a bug that Roblox will solve quickly.

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I think its a bug because the animations I completely made by myself are also getting this error and I just hate it. And now when I am opening the normal Roblox animation editor and click on a rig my Roblox studio crashes. fun

Well another updates, I just needed to wait idk an hour or so and now it looks like the animations are “approved” and Roblox doesn’t tell me that error anymore!

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You guys may want to check this post, it explains something similar.

This is also happening to me except I am using the official roblox emotes, so far I have been able to see that the first digit gets removed if I type “rbxassetid://[id]” and it just straight up doesn’t work if I type “[id]”. By the way I’m setting the animations using local scripts.

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