Failed to load game assets, some Studio features have been disabled

The title says it all.

Whenever I try to upload a license plate decal for my cars, after about 5 uploads, the error pops up. And then I can’t upload any images anymore.

This is extremely frustrating as I have to always restart Studio, is there any fix to this?

Here’s the full log by the way:

Whenever this happens, it disables the ability to import images from the disk, which is extremely annoying.

Thanks for any solutions/fixes.

You should try to reinstall studio or upload the decals/images in the roblox website instead of roblox studio.

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There currently isn’t a fix to this. Removing unreliable assets seems to temporarily fix it though.

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What do you mean with “unreliable”?

They’re just PNGs of my custom License Plate

Unreliable, as in the asset almost never loads or has an error loading. This happens with large assets (usually audio files).

In your case, I’m not sure what this could be. A workaround is to create a separate place and import the assets from there, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

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