Failed to load sound: Unable to download sound data

Reproduction Steps

I’m unsure whether you can reproduce said issue, but I’ve reuploaded the audio files multiple times and they’ve passed moderation with no issues and can be heard on the website. They are uploaded under my group and I will attach the files below, since the car isn’t available for public use yet I’m simply just testing it to make sure it’s ready for release, however the audio won’t load at all, it works perfectly in studio.

They have permissions to be used in my game default as they are created under the group, so that definitely isn’t the issue.

My system information:
OS - Windows 10
CPU - Intel Core i9-9900K CPU @ 3.6GHz
RAM - 32GB
GPU - NVidia RTX 3090

Expected Behavior

Since the audio has passed moderation and can be played on the website then I would expect it to work in-game.

Actual Behavior

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-12-16 21:12:00 (+00:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-12-17 00:12:00 (+00:00)

Have you tried manually adding the audio permission to the experience via the “Configure Audio” page?

(for example below:)

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I will try that now, however I figured it wouldn’t matter since it is “parented” to the group as it was uploaded through that portal. We have never had to do anything of the sort for our previous audio, and they all work fine!

If it is the case that you are having issues with singular assets, you can run this in the studio command bar:

local success, dataError = pcall(function()

local soundCheck =“Sound”, workspace)

soundCheck.SoundId = “rbxassetid://” – just add the ID you want to check and then check Studio Output after you run this. You will be able to grant it permission from there.


This will let you give the assets permission to play inside that experience fast instead of individually checking each asset.

It works… However I find this to be ridiculous, as our previous audios work fine and we’ve never had to grant permissions manually to our game - especially considering it was uploaded under the host group of said game!

Thank you anyway, I probably should’ve tried this beforehand, but didn’t expect them to change the functionality of audios to this extent.

Due to the evolving landscape of audios and weird permission flips here and there, it is nothing we can avoid unfortunately.

As is the case with most things Roblox, it is up to us fix or manage it. Incase you run into an issue where all of your audios just stop working, here is the script to make sure that at least it isn’t permission based:

-- Dhammapada, 2022

-- This is an alternative to the audio discovery plugin since it relies on Sound class instances already being in the game, where as in this code snippet checks on the assetId directly.

-- You will need to run this in the studio command bar

local checkAsset = {} -- fill this array with the IDs you want to check. example: {"rbxassetid://xxxxxxxx", "rbxassetid://xxxxxxxxx",}

local soundCheck ="Sound", workspace)

soundCheck.Name = "soundCheck"

for i, v in (checkAsset) do

local success, dataError = pcall(function()

soundCheck.SoundId = v -- add the id after //, and then check Output. You will be able to grant it permission from there



soundCheck:Destroy() -- this cleans up the sound object created. All information will be in Studio Output

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