Failed to Load (sound_id) Error Spam - Extreme Log File Sizes

Currently if an audio is played but it won’t load (such as the sound id being zero), Roblox will CONSTANTLY error it in the console. This results in the console log file in Roblox’s log folder taking up a considerable amount of device space.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Open the BaseplateRepro.rbxl (40.6 KB) file
2. Make sure that the sound’s .Playing property is set to true
3. Run the experience in test modee
4. Open up the output and note the constant spam

Expected Behavior
The sound will error once and not attempt to reload multiple times

Actual Behavior
The sound continues to error constantly at an extremely fast rate

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate/High
Frequency Constantly


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Thanks for the report!

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Not only that, but the output window is extremely unoptimized and slow (it always has been). That is why:

Close the output window to prevent memory leaks and frame drops.


This workaround doesn’t stop the large log files though, which is (in my opinion) the main problem

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@Focia19 Confirming this issue may also be related to the audio permission system. As of today (3/22), the staging place for one of our sponsored games appears to have no audio permissions for the various sounds we use in the game. The output explodes when loading the place in Studio, and borderline crashes Studio when playtesting due to the bug mentioned in OP. Media is attached below.

I should note that these permissions were granted several months ago, and that re-granting permissions “succeeds” but doesn’t actually do anything.


Came onto the forum to check if it’s happening to anyone else. All the audio from my game and its 3 places got unwhitelisted and permissions failing. Happened suddenly around 30 minutes ago.

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Currently experiencing the same problem, making it very hard for us to debug issues. Granting permissions does not seem to do anything.

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I’ve not experienced audio being randomly ungranted permissions. Is the audio owned by you or someone you work with?

@Focia19, this is causing loads of large log files to be created. Can this be prioritized? For someone who doesn’t play Roblox a lot, I have 289mb of log files, most of which are so drastically increased in size because of the “failed to load sound” error. This is going to be much higher (talking gigabytes) if someone plays Roblox for long periods, or plays frequently, or if they play a game where there are more than just 1 type of sound error being emitted.

For a single less-than 1 hour play session, Roblox has created a 37.31mb log file. This is alarming, for contrast, compared to before this issue started occurring, a longer than 3-hour play session barely reaches a megabyte.

I don’t know if logs are created on mobile but if they are, that’s even more troublesome considering the iPhone 5s is still supported and has a minimum storage capacity of 16GB. Android devices very likely may be able to have smaller storage capacities.

Roblox recommends at least 20mb of storage to install, this recommendation is useless if log files can exceed that size.

Coming back to this issue.

The spam should be better now after a flag revert! Also, we are still working on an issue regarding audio permissions that may be a potential cause to this spam!

Will update this thread when it will be resolved.


Hey all, this bug should be fixed now. Are you still encountering the issue?

I haven’t experienced this issue anymore.