Failed to upload union. Exceeded limit

@Bug-Support please look into this!

I have been trying to publish a place with a lot of unions for quite some time now but I am generously greeted with this message saying:
“Failed to upload union. Exceeded limit.”

Expected behaviour
Game should publish without any such error.

Actual behaviour
“Exceeding union limit”, what is the purpose of such limit?

Removing a majority of unions does allow me to publish the place.

I think Studio is bugged right now, it’s like down bad rn

did you know about the Message button?


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I can’t even use it.
Is it verified only or roblox verified only?

It says Developer Insights bug team, I am like branded as nobody here.

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You can press the message button, no one is stopping you from doing so

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I am sure you know that I have to wait exactly 8 days before @Focia19 cares to respond to me. And with a simple message:

Hi I am sorry I am late! Are you still experiencing the issue?

No hate to Focia btw hes a really nice person but the fact that it takes 8 days?? Yea… I can’t wait…

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I waited three months just to get a response from someone

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Yeah sadly I can not wait either.

I am on day job with real life payroll, this will delay on the works I need to deliver, and it seems to only affect nobody yet on the company but few people in here rn only.

3 months is 100% not acceptable at all, even 1 day delay mean I have to compensate man

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Well that sounds bad… Sadly we can not do anything about it except the fact they open the regular program again. Now please do not lecture me about the cons of opening it again.

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Do you remember @ZFLASHXDD? He somehow got regular in a completely empty account and did some spam, There’s a channel which reminds me of that situation

To be honest it sounds like you want more spam from regulars

There was another person who got regular on a fresh account, I don’t remember their name but according to them they said that they simply posted more “appealing” bug-reports and got regular.

The only person he replied to is ME.

but anyways he said that he got the regular trust level out of nowhere, I don’t have proof but yep

Possible solutions:

  1. Upload the Union as a Mesh.

    • This will not work if you have a union with over 35000(is this the limit??) triangles
    • Can be a hassle if you have a lot of unions
  2. Message Roblox Support / Bug Team.

    • From my experience they usually take 0-2 business days to respond (mostly respond to me within the hour)

Damn… roblox moderation where are you???

I already found the solution, i.e the workaround. I forgot to mention the fact that I can just reunion the smaller unions. I had rocks that were unioned individually, I just seperated them and unioned 100 rocks.

Thanks for that as well, I did think of converting it into a mesh but it would have been longer.

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That is great! Glad to hear you found a solution. If this is a permanent one, you can mark your message as the solution

It is but as your the only one who provided me with a solution ill mark yours as a solution as it would be just.

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