Failure to Update Gamepass

Hey! I’m trying to make gamepasses as donations for my game, but when I try to make the gamepass go on sale, it seems this image happens. What does this mean?

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Interesting. Have you tried on a different browser? The error message suggests that this is a client-sided issue.

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Have you had a look in the logs to see if it says the issue?
(on chrome and many other browsers, press F12, then click Console)

Hey! Apologies for the late reply. I am active on here from time to time, and forgot to reply so Sorry!

I tried a different browser (Microsoft) and the error still persists.

When I press F12, it only applies Airplane Mode.

Try fn+ F12 instead. Sometimes laptops require fn to be pressed at the same time.

alternatively, you can do ctrl+shift+i

Hey! So I looked into the console and found these 2 things after setting the price of the pass;

500 (Internal Server Error)
ResponseError: Response returned an error

Do you seem to know what these mean?