Fake News Regarding Roblox's Current Downage

As you are most likely aware, Roblox has currently been down for ~2 days. In this time there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the origin of the outage. Unfortunately some people have taken this as an opportunity to take advantage of the uncertainty and spread fake news/rumours.

This post is to show you what we really know about the situation and what sources are to believe.

Please keep in mind that this post was made using the current knowledge we have at this time and the true cause of the outage has not yet been confirmed. This was also written from a player-perspective. I am in no way involved with Roblox’s operations.

Firstly, please be initially sceptical of all rumours unless confirmed by Roblox themselves.

1: The Outage was not really caused by the Roblox-Chipotle Partnership
Shortly before the outage Roblox announced their collaboration with Chipotle, where players would be able to receive a free code in-game that would get them a real life Burrito. Due to the timing, the high levels of traffic at the event were rumoured to be the cause of the outage that soon followed.
As far as we are aware the event was not linked to the event. Roblox have officially denied the rumour as of today:

2: As players we are unaware how long the outage will last
A rumour quickly began circulating that the outage will last up to 3 weeks. ROBLOX HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THIS! In reality, Roblox are yet to confirm when the site will be back up. They have surely not told us that it will be down for 3 weeks as some people are saying. This is just a rumour started to make people panic.

The faked post:

The real post:

Once again, please only believe details of the outage that come from Roblox themselves. This post may be updated in the future with more details on false rumours regarding the outage.