Falcon testing place concept art

I have been working on a test place concept art called falcon testing place for either falcon Blox or F-16 viper simulator. In any case i am only going to post artwork since i am horrible at scripting, bad at creating games and terrible at making F-16 models. So artwork is the only thing to proof my game and simulation ideas. Here is the art.

So i hope you like to see more of my art so that my game and simulation ideas are coming to life.

Have a good day.



So cool :+1: would like to see a simulator like this ngl

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Like the description,i can only post artwork because i am horrible at scripting,creating games and making model TBH. Yes posting artwork is half work, but it is my only way to proof my ideas since my modeling and game creating are my poorest area where i am left behind. So sorry for the information.

I like the artwork and I like the idea.

Look, we were all bad at scripting at some point, but we try, we fail, we try again. I first started messing around in Studio cos I loved how easy it was to build stuff and I had reasonable coding knowledge but it was hacky and just plain bad. We improve with time, like a good cheese.

I really recommend looking at the Roblox Education stuff, cos it’s simple to follow and takes you through the full process of making a game. It’s where I learnt most of my stuff along with reading the DevForum.

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Thanks for your reply, i shall watch i am fresh and my mind is clear.