Fall damage - does ANYONE have something that works for them?

Hi everyone - We have been working on fall damage for our game for nearly a month now. We have tried every single idea we could find in this forum, and none of them seem to work when tested under multiple situations. We have tried tying it to Velocity. We have tried checking HRP height at the start of freefall, comparing it to the height after landing.

We’ve tried everything on Youtube.

We’ve tried our own solutions.
We’ve tried print statements that tell you the “statechange” info, and print statements that likewise tell you the “velocity” info - and so forth.

We know how to code. But we just can’t figure out what is happening with the engine. Something is…weird…compared to typical game engines… and we can’t get a reliable fall damage system

At this stage - does ANYONE have a reliable fall damage system?

Please and thank you - much appreciated.


I don’t know if you have see my community resource but here the link :

I hope that was helpful have a nice day !

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Thank you, but this does not work in all circumstances. We have tried this.

We appreciate your response! Thank you.

We are primarily looking for responses that currently work for the poster in his own games, under all circumstances. If you do not have a method that you use in your own game, and it works well under all circumstances then please kindly do not reply to this thread.

Again we appreciate your help!

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How the player can fall ?
Did you use the Humanoid State ?
Or can you show us some picture of the game and explain to us the main game mechanic ?

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If you test this method with different heights in a baseplate, you will find that the character does not always take damage. I appreciate your response, and link to this method, but it doesn’t seem to work in all circumstances if you set up print statements to test it, and watch the damgae.

Thank you for your response, however. It is appreciated.

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In what circumstances doesn’t it work ?
I can fix it !

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I really appreciate that. Thank you. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to document it and we have limited time today. If I get a chance to document all the methods we tried (including the one recommended) and showing you each time it fails, I will. Sorry, but we are just looking at this time for someone who has solved the problem, as it is persistent with the engine.

Thank you very much, in the meantime. We appreciate your help.

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