Falling Animation is overriding my parachute animation

I am working on a parachute system, my parachute animation works perfectly on ground, however when I jump from high up it stops working as the falling animation plays over it.

The animation priority is set as Action if that changes anything.

Is there any way I can fix this?

To change animation priority, when two animations are playing at the same time, you need to change the animation weight.

FallingAnimation:Play() -- Let's say this is playing

ParchuteAnimation:Play() -- Then this plays
ParchuteAnimation:AdjustWeight(1.5) -- This animation will play over anything with a lower weight
-- The base weight for all animations is 1.



It still doesn’t work, I think it’s due to me falling before the animation starts.

Make sure the parachute animation is looping, so when you fall really high up, it’ll play all the way until you touch the ground.

It does loop, no idea why it isn’t working, it works when I start it before I fall but when I start it mid air it does the falling animation.

Is the fall animation a custom one? If so just make it so while the parachute animation is playing the falling animation stops. Other than that, I wouldn’t know. The animation adjustweight should override the falling animation even if it plays after

Tracks with the same animation priority:

  • Tracks blend
  • Higher weight means more bias towards blending to look more like that track
  • Lower weight lessens blend toward that track

Tracks with priority higher than another:

  • Track completely overrides lower animations if weight is 1 or above
  • Weight from 0 to 1 lerps the visibility of the animation from itself to everything under it

All tracks:

  • Track stops if weight is set to 0
  • Weight is set to 0 if track stops
  • Core animations use the priority ‘Core’