Falling off moving platform

I have a platform that’s moving up and down using TweenService (changing Position.Y). As soon as I jump onto the platform, my character is stuck in the Falling animation and I begin to slide off as it moves up.
How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

You could try creating something with AlignPosition, Attachments, and a goal brick.

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Try using BodyPositions. They do a similar thing, but they dont make humanoid slide off.


You could try using body velocitys, or body positions, with a body gyro.

-You could set the CFrame of the player to a relative point controlled by the position.Y of the platform.

-Is ur platform moving fast? Maybe lower the speed

-You could change the approach and instead using TweenService, use Prismatic Constraints Servo to move the platform

-You could put seats in order to anchor players to platform.
-Maybe use a thicker floor for the platform :v

  1. It is very possible that your doing it too fast. Try to lower speed.

  2. Depending on your use case for the tweenservice, you can also tween the players character with the platform.

  3. A possible way to solve it is to increase hip-height? I think that should work, I’m unsure.

  4. The last and most hacky way is to detect excessive gliding and then increase the Y value of the player a little.

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