Fallout 3 Fatman Advertisement Gif

Making a gif on ROBLOX has been done before, but have you seen a Fallout one?
(Yes this is in-game, hence the studs to the far left of the image)

Just thought I’l share my first gif on ROBLOX. <3


:happy4: Amazing!

Is this free?!

teach us that magic

Each frame is a decal, I’m assuming.

Nop. Well, maybe. But a single image in grid form works better - none of that gray flash

GollyGreg made a module for this stuff: (I used it to make the dancing gif in the lobby of blocky ball)


Single image, sprite sheet basically… I also have 2 gifs of the news guy from Fallout 4, however each frame is 100x100 pixels… If only we could upload 2024x2024 pictures, these gifs would look great.