Fallout 4 Styled Office (Pictures)

The past week I have dedicated most of my time towards building a headquarters for my group, RoGo. This project was planned 3 years ago but… you know… that didn’t happen up until now…

I decided to let my staff build their own office. Of course, I couldn’t leave myself without one, so I decided to theme it off of one of my (new) favorite games, Fallout 4. As someone who considers themselves a programmer before a builder, I think I did a decent job.


I don’t believe you were a programmer first.

I don’t have a good enough laptop and I can’t get an Xbox One until Christmas. :disappointed:

Are we able to play the game?

I can upload the office to a place if you want to look at it, but the building itself is being saved for an event. I’m expecting it to be finished by January, but no promises… My office just turned out really good so I wanted to share it and get some opinions on it. :smiley:

My expectations are always like a month.
All my projects (except very big new ones) are “suspended”, though, so eh…
“Until January” is a loooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Just my assumption since the holidays are coming up and my free time will be limited.

Looks like I’m going to need to finish my vault now… Preetty niiice office.