Fallout New Vegas Sign


Here is one of my free models I made recently. It’s a highly detailed Fallout: New Vegas sign, based accurately from the in-game experience. Sadly, it does not feature the chain link that is displayed inside of the sign’s support stands, which is showed in Fallout: New Vegas itself. Additionally, the sign contains functioning blinking lights.

You can get the model here:
You can find pictures of the sign below!



Note: These pictures were taken in Roblox Studio.

Feel free to criticize as you wish! I would enjoy free ideas for the model, as I can update this model any time I want. Thank you!


Awesome sign! One detail that (i think) it missed is that on the back, there’s text that wishes you goodbye, that might be on another sign though.


Wow! Looks great! But yeah (to what Vercte2 said), on the back it says “Drive carefully come back soon” on the real life Las Vegas sign but in the game it doesn’t. So it looks great to me.

You are actually both correct!

In Fallout: New Vegas, the sign has the back end of it ripped off, and basically replaced with the platform. This very platform is where the NCR Veteran Ranger sits atop, in the trailer of the game itself. But, thank you both for your kind compliments!

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This really looks amazing! Really love the way it looks and how well you did realising this on ROBLOX

Look’s nice!
Keep going with the projects :grimacing: :+1: