FALSE ALARM! Model:GetExtentsSize() is broken

Model:GetExtentsSize() does not work if you rotate parts, it returns the extents assuming the all the parts were not rotated. Sometimes with mesh parts and other special types it even spazzes out. This is extremely annoying as the game I’m currently developing RELIES on :GetExtentsSize(), and it has been tedious so far to un-rotate parts and create substitutes. Sample model that using :GetExtentsSize() on does not work: GetExtentsSize() Broken.rbxmx (3.0 KB)

Please fix this asap!!

Edit: It seems it works fine when you have a PrimaryPart set for the model.

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A quick look at the wiki hints towards that you’re just not noticing a natural behavior of the function.

“Returns the size of the smallest bounding box that contains all of the Parts in the Model. If a PrimaryPart exists then the bounding box will be aligned to that part. If a PrimaryPart does not exist then the function will chose a part in the model to align the bounding box to. As the the selection of this part is not deterministic it is recommended to set a PrimaryPart to get consistent results with this function.”

This is the repro file you linked:


The result is:


So I don’t see the bug here, seems conform the wiki description. If you do think this is a legitimate bug, please include a repro file that actually shows this.

PS: you posted in the top-level category of bug reports, please make sure to move this yourself to the Client Bugs (#bug-reports:client-bugs) category. You can move your post by hitting the pencil icon next to the title.

That bounding box is unrotated though, its supposed to be 4 in the Y axis not in the X. Also I don’t really understand what it means with:

Isn’t there only one smallest bounding box? And as in the sample model, it didn’t even manage to fit the whole model.

The bounding box that is printed (4,1,2) is aligned to one of the parts in the model. In this case, the one part that is in there. In the local space of that part, a smallest bounding box of (4,1,2) is correct.

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