False Copyright on audio

I checked 4 months after and I don’t understand me too…
I don’t know what i meant to say, sorry.

Is there an estimated time frame we can expect this to be released? I didn’t see it mentioned on the 2023 roadmap unless it’s going to included in the Audio APIs…

Edit: really hope this comes out sooner rather than later cuz the filter just blocked audio of an old phone ringing and appealing it wont help without this system :skull:

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The ban on slowed down or distorted audio in Roblox honestly also is complete buttsauce to be honest because some experimental music genres use lots of slow down / reverse and distortion effects because it’s part of the style.

Roblox has built-in ways to slow down or distort audio but it doesn’t even cover 1% of the ways you could do it, there are A LOT of ways to distort and manipulate sound in very dynamic and complex ways that go far beyond what Roblox is or probably ever will be capable of.

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Roblox Banned some audios like syn cole-feeling and even star wars copyright audio so that’s why you cant use them.The only way to get some copyright audio back to use in ur game without roblox removing it is to use audacity and mix it with a intro(it wont work for syn cole feeling)