False error teleport when starting in roblox studio

Hello developers!

So i was testing my game and everytime i start my game its a teleport error? And i wonder why it saying: exception while signaling: Cannot Teleport in the Roblox Studio. Why it keeps sending me the error everytime??

Thank you.


Probably a plugin is doing that, since i don’t think scripts will run whenever you join studio.

Try checking your plugins, post them here if needed.

You might have used or a free model, or a plugin that has a script that is most likely trying to teleport you to their game

@PhoenixRessusection @DarkDanny04

No, this is not the case, please do your research and review your answers before posting.

As for the question, this is an intended feature. You should test this in game.

He actually was saying that every time he started his game. But then again, we have no clue if he is actually trying to teleport a player. I am just assuming he is not since this error is very straightforward and he would know why it’s saying that if he was trying to teleport

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Wait, this means that @talalalezz has getting this error once she/he runs the test “playground”, and not when she/he opens studio.

This means that something is teleporting people to somewhere.

This is not a bug, but a feature. Where would you teleport to from Studio? The origin place you are running is in no way connected with the teleport destination, so it throws this message.

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Imagine teleporting to jailbreak from studio? You would be able to steal jailbreak’s assets from studio after you teleport to the place from studio, so… why should you be able to teleport to any place from studio :thinking: ?

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I fix it! There is one called “client replicator” that sends you to the Loading… place i delete and then it fixed!

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