False Flagged Topics/Posts

The past weeks I have been on DevForum, making posts, and topics. I have been flagged sometimes falsely on the Forum. For instance, I have created replies to topics, questioning with my opinion to the user who created the topic. That user will abuse his or hers permissions and flag my post because he or she does not like the opinion I have created. The “system” will automatically message you saying the community believe this post/topic should not be on the Forum or so.

For instance, I was replying to a topic such as this one about a bug on the studio. I got flagged for some reason while the other user who made the almost the exact reply and reason as me did not.

At first I edited my message to a bigger paragraph.

I get flagged again afterwards but this time with a system message.

Another situation, with a similar problem happened. I was having a debate with another DevForum user on a topic the user created. I placed my opinion on it and next you know I get flagged on the post for “spam.” It was an automatic message saying the community believe this is “spam.” I believe this was done by the user I was debating with. I am quite annoyed by how users will abuse this and flag posts just to give the other a flag. At first its usually a system automatic reply then a moderator will look into the flag.

When you get a canned message from a DevEngagementTeam member that means they reviewed the flag put against you and agreed with it.

Based on the title and context, this looks like a bug report in #platform-feedback. Your post doesn’t add anything new for engineers to work with, you are just saying you hope it gets fixed. How does this help engineers?

So no, nobody is abusing flags.


Im talking about flag messages coming from the system first.

That is automated. If it is something like “flagged post removed by staff” I believe that is self-explanatory. A staff member removed it.

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Ah, thank you. I was misunderstood about this. I’ll remove this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cant remove it, I’ll just put it as solved.