False ping hit triggers in game

My game Flick has a gun transfer system, something like hot potato if you get shot you get the gun. Players with high ping have been having issues where they will shoot and it will trigger the local side of the script and alert them, that they have hit something but it wont continue on the server side like they never hit the target. This only happens at high ping, there are no inf yields or errors. Have a look at a video a player send me. Any ideas what i should look for when dealing with ping related bugs?

What hit detection method are you using?

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Is this causing this player to be able to shoot the person multiple times and deal more damage than they usually would? Or is it just an insane delay? I can’t really tell by the video due to camera angles, sorry.

its false info related the player shoots the enemy gets an alert that they hit the enemy but dont actually hit the enemy.

we use raycasts from a local script with player inputs

inputs from client and raycast from server response to client right?

Maybe try to remake your system using this resource

apparently it accounts for lag

“Bullets that move extremely smoothly and consistently. The best part is that since I use Heartbeat, the bullet will accommodate for lag. In the event of any lag, the cast will move how much it should’ve moved as if there was no lag at all, ensuring that it stays on time and remains consistent to the motion values you specifed.”



it should but it triggers like it should but never actually goes to server side. no errors on inf yields

i just checked it out and i dont think this is what we need since we dont have slow projectiles ours is completly hit scan with instant show( gun doesnt even have a tracer or any form of physical bullet)

did this player manage to relay how high their ping was?

I’m pretty sure you can modify FastCast settings to work with fast projectiles. However, I don’t think it would fix the issue if it’s a problem with something not being sent from the client to the server.

Is there some sort of RemoteEvent that isn’t firing correctly?

yep we tested with multiple high ping players it starts at around 120 ping and gets worst at 350.

Well maybe show us the code you’re working with then maybe we can offer a solution, poke around maybe see what’s up

we dont know there arent any errors or inf yields
everything acts normal, local shows hit notification that should only happen on hit and server doesnt transfer the gun

Have you tried printing out when something on the server side hits and checked if it printed?

As @finaIlyhappy said, could you provide the code? Maybe add a few print statements to check exactly where the error is- if there’s a RemoteEvent being triggered on the client and not being recieved on the server I doubt it’s a lag-related issue.


if you are hit detecting on client it might be missing on the server side, you should probably make the hit detector have some idea of where the server side one is.

Although I really don’t think a raycast should be this unresponsive at a ping of only 120 or 350…

ill try but it might take time the code has some stuff thats commented out i gotta sort from old issues give me a few minutes

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Are you using remote events to communicate between the server and the client?

yep a remote event from a local to a modular script