False Roblox ban appeals being rejected

So the moderation team decided to ban me for a day for uploading a “Modem hand shake”

It thinks I’m trying to bypass something which I’m not, cause It’s literally just a modem sound, so I tried appealing it twice. both rejected with the same response
After reviewing all the available evidence the consequence for this conduct will not be adjusted.
Ohh thats odd, the fun part is that roblox also uploaded alot of modem sounds "91169435072
So the moderation is just so frustrating and I’m trying to look for help to get my account and the ID unbanned, also yes I’ve read the TOS nothing says that modem sounds break it. It only says that trying to hide content around the safety systems. Which I wasn’t It’s a modem A LITERAL MODEM

Here if any staff reads this please unban my account and improve the moderation team with this information

Thank you.


Hey, I was also banned for a day last night for uploading a clothing asset which are just pants. I’ve been banned at least 4 times for different pants where they are not in any way inappropriate.

All my ban appeals were denied with the same message “sexual content” and that it won’t be adjusted. (When I actually appealed something they said they removed the consequence but I opened Roblox and was still banned and my image never got restored…)

I’m a clothing designer, I always create different assets and recolors of my assets, new unique ideas and so on, but I’ve gotten banned so many times for images that are completely fine.

Can someone please from the support team reply to this post so we can provide asset IDs and get it appealed? This is just wild. I’m sick of it.


Roblox really needs to look into this moderation issue


I appealed again and all 3 tickets have the exact same text, strangeee very strange.

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The replies are just AI generated from your Description of Issue and welp :frowning:


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