Fan Logo For Skate Park!

Another logo coming! Here you guys go! Send me some feedback if you want!

Have a good day!


I’d suggest centering the words down the middle. It’s off by a little bit.

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Awesome logo as always! I like the 3D effect, gradiant, any logo shape. No recommendations or suggestions from me as it’s perfect!

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Same as your last logo: Looks GREAT. I would put a watermark on it then when somebody orders it pm them the logo without the watermark just so people don’t steal. (the dm me to order is good but the person could just crop it out)

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don’t worry I didn’t forget about that but also if there gonna take a logo and someone wants to commission them then how are they gonna make it?

I just LOVE how the logo looks!

This time you nailed down the shading, outlining, and colors. They’ve been implemented very well with the GFX!

Well done, mate!

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Thank you so much! And I didn’t even realize I nailed the shading lol :joy: but I am thankful!