Fanart GFX for Phantom Forces, thoughts?

Time taken: 3 hours-ish
Programs used: Blender, Photoshop, Pixlr

Please critique! I’d love to hear from you guys.


The way he is running, as seems that he is running on the wall, and what is that random light on his right shoulder? Other than that, well work. 8.5/10

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Very nice!! I love the position of the man although the lighting is a little strange and he’s suit look slighty strange in that type of enviormanet. But over all it looks fantastic!!

Sorry if this came across of rude

-Sincerly Agentpig03

the light was meant to be a lens flare but it didn’t work out
about the running pose thing, i had to make it look like he was running but also let you see his face yk its kinda weird

yeah i tried adding a lens flare it didnt work out :c
and the suit, that’s a different story :flushed:

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I am a pretty large gun nerd, so I’ll critique the gun he is holding. From the looks it is an M4 or M4A1 carbine. Considering everything, the model itself isn’t actually that bad. The main problem is the scale of the gun though. The length is a little too short (considering roblox characters I would assume are at least 5’0 tall), and the gun itself looks plasticky, almost like it’s a replica airsoft gun.

The position of the character isn’t great at all, I’ll say that. From the looks, he isn’t even holding the gun, he’s squeezing it with his arm. The concentrated light reflectance doesn’t make any sense, the room isn’t bright, nor is he wearing anything reflective enough.

The motion blur in the background doesn’t help at all. If you tried to make it seem as if the character is walking, running, or what-so-ever, you’d need to add motion blur to his arms, legs, and his body (varying on how fast the character is walking or running).

The rendering quality isn’t great either, looks like it was more than rushed.

Overall I’ll rate this a 5/10. Not great at all, but I would assume you tried with the skill you had.

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