FanJava Showcase game [2 - 3 weeks of development IG]

FanJava [Showcase]

FanJava is a showcase about an ancient kingdom located on a strange continent
and this game is called FanJava

I don’t know what I’m trying to say but give it a try it’s really cool

and also Use Earphone/Headphone and 10 graphics is recommended for the greatest experience you will ever had.

964.849K Part Inside this game
[previously it was more than 2+ Bilion Part but I chose to separate it]

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You can visit the Place down here, here’s the link :paperclip:

FanJava [Showcase] - Roblox


wow amazing graphics, models, and even a motion blur. The only problem is that it’s too much for a Roblox game, and not optimised, you should find something to not generate the not visible assets because my pc almost exploded lol. But very nice work I love it


thanks, im trying to optimized it idk how, and also my pc almost exploded thoo lolz :rofl: :rofl:

like more than 10x its crashed/overheated\not responding
took more than 3 - 8 hours to log into that place

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:joy:like you can just put the part that happens behind the huge wall in a folder (make different districts) and put them in lighting then make a script that detect when the player is in a district it does not generate the others because when I turned my camera to the wall it lagged a lot

900k parts in game is nuts, I can’t even join the game with that part count! xD

Perhaps you can reduce the part without losing details in future. Keep up the good work!

its a openheimmer but in roblox version