Fantasy Admin: Bulletin Board

Welcome to the Fantasy Admin Bulletin Board!

Fantasy Admin is not only about admin. It also has some game settings.


0.10 (Version goes up by 10 every update)

Fantasy Admin is a Admin model created by @funnyfunns. This model lets you use cool commands! Fantasy Admin will be available soon, right now, it’s not yet to be made. Thanks for getting it if you have!

Fantasy Admin lets you pick a variety of commands ranging from Chat Commands to GUI-Based commands. Thanks for reading, that’s all I have!

Please, if you enjoy the model leave a thumbs up! I will keep you updated on Fantasy Admin.

How to require FantasyAdmin

local FA = require(game.Workspace.FantasyAdmin.Settings) -- You can change stuff in the settings by scripts. Do FA. or FA: to see functions and settings!


Version 0.10: Current Version 2/27/2021