Fantasy Game Sword

A fantasy game sword I made today.

What do you think about my sword?


maybe add a jewel in the handle also some sort of writing on it to you know have a spell on the sword.

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As @MyHeadisMelting stated, adding some jewels and some fancy text could really spice thigns up. For jewels, any kind will do as long as they’re placed in the right place, and for text, some old runic texts or something in latin would look dope!

Good sword, I’m excited to see the end result :slight_smile:

I do not have any idea where the jewel and the text will be. Please show the place where do you want the jewel and the text.

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The text would be on the blade, because it’d be the most noticable there and you also have the most space. As for the jewels, along those yellow wing-like things below the blade seems like a nice place :slight_smile:

If you find any better places to put them, go for it. My places are just off of my opinion.

like the text on the blade and the jewel in between the handle here’s a image of what i mean.

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First of all, this sword is giving me big Legend Of Zelda vibes, which is definitely not a bad thing.
But one thing I would say is that the handle looks a bit…plain.

Its a good start for your sword, however there is still room for improvement so take some ideas and make them your own, I can tell you can make better which is a compliment, you just need the inspiration.

It is missing the details though like the handle lacks any kind of material, the base of the sword has a kind of visible ‘dull zone’ where it is lacking something like a jewel or emblem.

Here’s some suggestions for swords in the future:

  • Wrapped sword handle, make it look like cloth
  • Writing going down the face of the blade (Could be enchanted or just decoration)
  • Jewel or emblem either at hilt or at the base of the sword
  • Different Blade Edges, some have damage or deliberate holes in the bade
  • Play with the properties of the blade to make the sword look like its made of a certain material, e.g a silver sword might be more reflective

I would recommend a health dose of watching some sword based anime for inspiration, the reasoning is that anime swords are simplistic, yet they all have something about them that makes them unique and stand out. The swords usually have a sort of definition to them which gives off certain vibes like the sword has a character of its own.

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Looks awesome! Now I want to see the game! :rofl: :+1: :grin:

Hilt is slightly too long. Hilt to blade proportions do not really fit into the frame of a typical historical European sword. If it is a one handed sword, have the hilt be shorter. If it is a two handed sword, elongate the blade slightly.

Apart from that, clean and slick design. I love the pommel and accentuations.

I personally would like it if the spikes pointed up

Other than that looks great .