Fantasy Rpg Combat Formula

This is an example of the combat formulas. (there are no skill damages which is why it misses with skill attack)

This clip shows character base stats of 10 str vit dex and mag
In this clip, you will see me attack a few times without any armor
and then attack with some armor. This is to show you how armor stats are applied to final damages
Youll also sees me change some player stats at the end to show u can make my player stronger without any gear.

Not only that, you will see NPC defense formulas reducing the damage based on the stats that get changed in the clip.

Fair warning. The clip is fairly large.

You’ll be seeing character stats imapcting the damage changes on npc. You will also see npc stats being adjusted to reflect onto player stats and their damage recieved. The goal is to replicate a “World of warcraft” player progression feel.