Fantasy Tavern Exterior + Interior

Hey fellow developers, what are your opinions on this mature fantasy themed tavern I made?


It looks VERY nice, but it seems that its very bright inside from outside but its not.


Thank you! I will definitely fix the exterior lighting :+1:

Since it’s fantasy, please don’t assume that everything is dark and evil. Add a little bit of joy and happiness- add vibrant colors!

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very nice, and realistic. the realistic oart not so much because of the sign and windows. is that full of lava? make the text glow, and the interior just seems smaller than the outside and some parts of the carpet come out. also make better fire particles

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This is because of the ambience I want to set in this particular area of the game! I’ll definitely take in your advice for future builds though :+1:

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Indeed I will! Thank you very much for your feedback throughout my posts :smiley:

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