Fantasy Themed Interior Asset Pack - Need honest opinions

Hi everyone,
I was looking to release a free interior fantasy themed asset pack. I’ve been learning a few new programs and thought what better way to learn it then creating an asset pack. So my first problem, this program does a great job of easily texturing real looking models. My issue, my models tend to be lower poly count and cartoony style, I’m not really going for realism. In your opinion is the texturing over the top and does not work with these models? Should I work the textures more towards and animated low poly style? Are there any additional models that you would like to see added for interior fantasy themed asset pack?

Any and all feedback is welcomed

edit would help if I upload the images. :neutral_face:


Wow they look quite good! Great job

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Good job! Must use pbr with humanoid for realistic vibe.

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Thanks for the comment! I will give that a shot. I’m not really familiar with the Pbr options on export. I’ll have to play around with them a bit. Thanks for the information.

Try to make your on pbr textured using shader maps or materialize. Normal maps are the most important. Dont forget to put humanoid in the group consisting meshpart so that pbr can work more good.

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Do you happen to know of any tutorials on this? I’m sort of familiar with the shaders supplied in roblox studio, but I’m mostly a noob when it comes to adjusting these. I also did not realize that roblox supported normal maps, is that only available for meshparts/parts with a humanoid in them? If so :exploding_head:

I would avoid putting humanoids inside of mesh parts, even if the results are better. I don’t know whether this is for a showcase or not but humanoids are known to drain performances and are also very inconsistent.

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You don’t need a humanoid object if you are doing UV mapping in blender and exporting your decals that match the model. I don’t know how to do create these in blender, but you can read about the roblox side of it here:

Basically you have to figure out a way to export your normal, metalness, colormap, roughness. These will be individual decals that are uploaded to roblox and used in the surfaceappearance properties to create the texture for the model.

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i don’t know if it’s just the image quality or what, but that red elixir looks super satisfying to me

regardless, these are really cool, awesome job

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the textures look weirdly wrapped around, and things that have stuff inside them (e.g. lamp posts or potions) look weird. the lampost looks super weird. there is a weird shine on everything also, may be because of lighting, idk. good job still.


Humanoid helps pbr to work more realistic. I dont have images currently but you can check my game with humanoid pbr called village 2021 on my profile.

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Humanoid must be put in group which consist meshpart not directly in meshpart

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Search for shader maps 4 tutorial. Or buy substance bitmap2material. Yes I think humanoid make normal map work. I think it may be that low end PCs dont support pbr or anything else. It just a glitch.

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I’ll keep that in mind. It would make sense that humanoids may be a drain on resources. Like you said maybe during the showcase use a humanoid on the mesh parts then remove the option on upload to Roblox.

I do model and UV unwrap through Blender and texturing through substance painter, which does provide normals, metallic, color and roughness. I know that Roblox takes the base color just fine, but I didn’t know you can upload multiple texture to a single mesh part. Do you happen to know of any tutorials on this, or where the options are to implement normal and roughness maps are? Maybe I overlooked it. This is definitely a game changer if this is an option.

Originally I was just going for a label on a green bottle. But I see what you are saying as it looking like the red elixir on the inside of the bottle. Thanks I may use technique on other potions/bottles, it is very similar to the low poly look that I’m going for. A happy accident haha

I see what you are talking about. I may need another couple edge loops on the lanterns to solidify the glass surfaces and edges of the lantern. I think the faces maybe over stretched creating the weird look. The potion bottles in the background are inverted normals, which many of the existing models in studio use. Apparently it just doesn’t work with models that are more a-symmetrical. Thanks for the info. I may try another technique @sam_youwell brought up above. Thanks for the comment.

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Thanks I will look into this. I will also check out your village 2021 to see these effects in action. :+1:

I gave you a link to the surfaceappearance api page, but here is another link that explains it:

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Thanks! Sorry, I overlooked that. I can’t wait to try this out!
This is exactly what I was looking for!