FAQ for The Normal Button

Frequently Asked Questions for TNB

Q: I did not receive my Golden Carpet or Golden Boombox

  • A: For Golden Carpet you need 1000 scenarios, and for Golden Boombox you need 500 scenarios. If you just recently got that much, join any server and wait 2 minutes. It really doesn’t take that long, but may be due to slower internet. You should see it in your inventory afterward.

Q: I beat the Flandre Scarlet scenario but did not receive the plushie.

  • A: Basically you can’t cheat. No using any gears, no hiding in the secret room, and 0 deaths during the scenario. If this happens, you should get a badge. If you get the badge and no plushie, just PM me and I’ll fix your data. If you didn’t get a plushie or badge, send a recording of your gameplay so I can verify, then I’ll fix your data.

Q: I lost one or more of my gears.

  • A: Most likely you still have the gear(s), it was just moved out of your hotbar. First, check to see if you still have it in your inventory by the 3 dots at the top right corner and then pressing inventory. If not, then go into the shop and equip it.

Q: I bought points/scenarios and did not receive my purchase.

  • A: On rare occasions, the server might go down just as you make a purchase. PM cooldaniel234 the date you made the purchase and I will fix it for you.

Q: I bought Perm Admin and it does not work

  • A: Perm admin is not automatic, I have to manually add you to the system. PM cooldaniel234 and it should be working AT MOST a day.

Q: I lost either all or some of my saved data

  • If none of the solutions above worked, PM cooldaniel234.

You can PM me either on ROBLOX, DevForum, or on Discord: DanielSN#7594. Discord is probably the fastest.