FareBlox Store Handbook

Information about FareBlox

FareBlox is one of the newest and innovative Roblox Grocery Stores that are currently published on the Roblox Platform, from our everchanging community to our everchanging systems we are currently one of the most creative stores out there at this point and time. FareBlox has one of the most welcoming environments, you’ll easily find home with us.

FareBlox Public Information

Our Game Rules

:one: Respect
Always treat fellow members, staff, and management with courtesy and respect. Any behavior contrary to this will not be tolerated, and appropriate measures will be taken.

:two:Hacks and Exploits
Engaging in hacking or exploiting our game disrupts our services and will result in a permanent ban.

Spamming or flooding our chats is strictly prohibited, as it interferes with the proper functioning of our game.

Raiding or protesting on any matter is not acceptable. If you have concerns about our game, please open a ticket. For real-life issues, protests should take place outside the FareBlox platform.

:five:Chat bypassing
Under no circumstances should you engage in chat bypassing. Not only does this violate our rules, but it also goes against the Roblox Terms of Service.

Attempting to glitch into staff areas or areas that are off-limits is a bannable offense if caught.

Ban Appeals

Appealing a ban is a straightforward process, regardless of the ban type. In certain instances, the ban might be temporary, lasting only for a few days.

To initiate an appeal, please visit our Trello board provided below and locate the Punishment Appeal card.

FareBlox Information Centre

FareBlox Staff Information

Staff Rules

:one: Respect
As a staff member, it’s crucial to treat all colleagues with respect, kindness, and politeness.

:two: Professionalism
Maintain professionalism at all times and act appropriately while representing FareBlox.

:three: Promotions
Avoid asking for a promotion; hinting is not allowed. Instead, focus on working diligently, attending shifts, and increasing your chances of promotion through your efforts.

:four: Uniform
Adhere to the correct uniform for your rank, available in the uniform room. This includes wearing a staff headset and a lanyard.

This Handbook is soon to be updated with new information in the following weeks…

If you have any inquiries, feel free to open a ticket in our communications server to connect with us! If you encounter difficulties joining the server, please speak to someone in-game for assistance.