"Farlands" bug - visual glitch

This bug has been found and documented years ago, but for some reason, Roblox still hasn’t really addressed it (as far as I can tell).

This bug happens when you start to go far out in any direction. This is what it looks like:

It seems to occur in any game (obviously a lot of games don’t go this far out, though). I am currently working on a little side project that will require a massive world. Every player gets their own planet, and this is very quickly going to become a problem.

You can repo the bug for yourself here:

Roblox recently released 64-bit servers (there isn’t an announcement yet) for large worlds. It’s hard to get a really large world, though, with this bug.

Has anyone else run into issues with this bug & and they got around it?


This is called floating point errors and it is a byproduct of how number systems on computers work. Here is a great informative video on why this happens.

If you’re interested in computer science do yourself a favor and subscribe, they do great videos all the time


Perhaps using Reserved Servers could solve this?

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Have you considered doing everything in miniature to get the most out of safe dimensions?

It’s a bit of a pain because you need to adjust characters and gravity to stop it being weird, although if you’re doing planets then maybe you have your own gravity anyway.


Here’s an idea: everyone is moved relative to your character, so you’re technically always in the same place, but the world around you moves.

This would be fairly difficult to implement, but I feel it could work out!!


Planets are smooth terrain - that wouldn’t really work.

Although I had this idea earlier:

  • Space ships can have upgraded fuel tanks, but you can never have enough for you to travel far enough get to this glitch.
  • When you warp (you have to warp to travel long distances, trade posts, friends worlds, etc), you are put back to 0,0,0 and your warp location is generated around you
  • If you end up somewhere there isn’t any planets, we will reset your position to 0,0,0

I think that would probably work.


Wouldn’t work with smooth terrain since the voxels are 4x4x4, although if you read my reply above I explain an idea I had to get around this.

One of my biggest goals for the project is for it to be 100% seamless - no teleports. If you wanted to you could travel across the universe (although it wouldn’t be feasible in game because of fuel limitations).

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A solution that you could try would be to move the entire world around the character so the character is always at 0, 0, 0. Not sure if this would cause a lot of lag though.

Like I said in other replies, planets are smooth terrain. This wouldn’t be feasible at all and would cause huge lag. Although, I get where you’re coming from.

I can probably do this if there are no planets rendered (reset their position to 0,0,0 when they’re in the middle of space without planets in view).

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