Fast, Accurate, and Intuitive word checking experience!

Hello devs,

I’ve been working on a game experience that uses the HTTP service to see if a word exists.

Note: This game is in very early beta and is not completely finished… some hiccups may happen however I have tried to stop them for the most part from destroying the server.

It is very cool and I enjoy playing with it a lot for some reason. Let me know you constructive criticism and feedback below.

Have fun playing with it, heck see if you can break it, I’d love to see your all’s funny or stupid ways of breaking the game.

Without further ado, here’s the link:

Thanks for checking this out. Happy checking!


I only messed around with the game for a couple of minutes but I found a few mild issues

One is that the words “a” and “I” are not considered words.

The other is that contractions are only considered words by the algorithm if apostrophes aren’t used. (I’m not sure if there are limitations that prevent apostrophes from being used, but I suggest making contractions require apostrophes to be correct)

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Just fixed it

Yeah, I didn’t create the word list, but I’ll definitely work on this.

Also, I made a way so I can update the word list, without shutting the game down, which is kinda cool.

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I put in the word “antidisestablishmentarianism”
It said it didn’t exist.

Did you manually put words into a table, or does it use an api?

I use HTTP requests to send to my API which does all of the searching and logging and spam prevention.

Ah. Does it get updated often?

Every month or so I’ll manually get the newest version of the log. I’ll need to update it soon anyways.

Just updated it for you, with a bigger list.

And your word is in there.

Could I get the code? I wanna see what it looks like and how it works. Thanks btw.

Conversation continued in DMs.

Perhaps you could use mongodb to save that? I don’t know why you would though.

I have my own slicer and list, why would i need to save it in mongodb? Its just a another rate limit I have to follow.

That’s true. I was just saying.

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Fixed the apostrophe problem. You can try again if you’d like.

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Hey, I found this word that is being registered as non-existent.

Yeah, I was monitoring the logs when that happened, working on a solution.

probably a good idea to have rate limits on the Roblox server too, as handling rate limiting on the backend still costs requests, which are by far the most expensive operations in the algorithm

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Yeah. I have a rate limit on my API, just not on the roblox server (yet)

I went ahead and updated the word database to contain practically every single word in English.

Cut down delay time on the server side, checking should be much faster now!