Hello their! Im looking for a Clothing designer to make me an oufit. For my avatar on roblox.

Details – I want Pants/Shirt I want both of these. – Here is what is going with it, image
Tob tobb – It’s like a set.

[SHIRT] It needs to be a pastel green, With the name plate a little bit of a darker green, With the text saying in WHITE [ii_J8x] the name needs to be on both sleeves and the front [Shown in the picture] and the stripe being the darker green like the name plate.

[PANTS] It needs to be the same color Pastel green, With the name plate on both sides [Shown in the picture, the pants this time] saying the same thing [ii_J8x] in white. This time with the shoes being The darker green like the line and the plate.

50 for pants [Negotiable]
50 for shirt [Negotiable]

DISCORD : GrinchDeveloper#6312
Below! :slight_smile:

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