Fast flags are being used as cheats

This is the best case scenario in my opinion. Letting developers just use beta features in-game more often (even if they’re not necessarily stable yet) would go a long way, both for Roblox and developers.

I’ll gladly take Team Test being open for non-devs being supported though, and it’d be really useful outside of the context of testing Roblox betas… thinking it could generate a join-link much like how private servers work. That way, all we’d have to do is send one link to get people ingame and going, no need to configure permissions or anything.


me when semi-harmless things got weaponized for evil :eagle:

If there was one FFlag that liked to use, it was the one that let’s the player hide all GUI, including BillboardGui and chat bubbles. It was arbitrary locked to being in a specific group (which was changeable using Bloxstrap, but I think this needs to be a feature anyone can use, mainly for screenshots and videos.

Some games use BillboardGui instances to guide the player towards quests and important locations, but these break immersion, especially if they’re drawn on top of everything like the Sonic Prime logo and characters’ head renders are in Sonic Speed Simulator:

With that FFlag configured and working, I could hide all BillboardGui instances by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+B.

This flag was also useful for getting completely clean screenshots, as it can hide all game and core GUI elements with other keyboard shortcuts.

People are emphasizing how important frame rates over 60 are, but this is so useful that I think it should become a proper feature before locking down FFlag modifications.

EDIT: Also, without this flag, the only people that can hide all GUI are exploiters, since they have control over CoreGui. It would be awesome if every player could hide any GUI when they wanted to take pictures. I know CaptureService exists and it can hide CoreGui for screenshots, but that will only work if a developer uses its functions in their game, and I doubt most of them will… Roblox can look beautiful at times (just look at Royale High’s Castle’s Heart realm), and it would be nice to capture that without any obstructions… :sad:


Currently this functionality is restricted to devs-only unless you turn on the flag. Maybe they could open it up to everyone(?) but this would probably be a separate feature request.


Just as an FYI, this workflow will definitely be broken in the recent changes. I’m unsure if this is something we will want to bring back as a general thing, it is actually quite surprising to me that GUIs I can make would sometimes be able to be hidden (obvious cases being things like intentional blind UIs, aesthetic blurring/vignette UIs, etc). I think the better solution here is making it easier for developers to allow their games to have these kinds of viewer modes, probably through something like a dev module.


Why??? Just blacklist certain flags.


Cmon. Just remove game breaking flags. Why is every new feature a FFlag??

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I answered this suggestion above, it is not at all tenable.

Are there flags you use other than the ones mentioned previously (like FPS) that you use that we could potentially come up with a better solution for?


Another fix: Don’t add game breaking flags. Especially the networking ones.

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Another thing. Anyone can spoof a clientsettings response. Alternative methods can be made to change flags still.

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I’m glad I found this topic, was about to ask the same thing as I’ve seen a Exponential increase in cheaters being caught by my anti-cheat service. It’s usually a few per week or even the entire month, but lately it’s increased to thousands a week. At first I thought maybe there was something wrong in the anti-cheat service, but it’s doing its job properly. It seems that more kids are finding info about this, even though it is quite old I suppose. It is becoming more popular now. :melting_face:

I can’t stand the new “Chrome” topbar, so I used FFlags to revert it to the actually decent topbar. Now FFlags are about to be disabled because some random dudes are ruining it for everyone by cheating with them.

A fix would be to make all flags read only, then release an official way to edit certain flags, such as ones that remove the new topbar that makes me want to throw up


if FFlagHandleAltEnterFullscreenManually was changed to false life will be sunshine and rainbows

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I mentioned this above earlier, there’s no world where we maintain both Chrome and pre-Chrome so this isn’t a use case we would support even with some alternative solution.

Good call on FFlagHandleAltEnterFullscreenManually! I remember it being removed but I didn’t realize until your post that it was eventually brought back. This workflow will be broken when the local flags removal happens, but I let the people who made the decision to bring it back know that we’ll need to take this into consideration in the future.


honestly though its really useful when it comes to performance and latency by using exclusive fullscreen compared to roblox’s borderless

…That’s why they’re flags…


I’ve noticed that the Roblox FPS unlocker that can be enabled with the FFlag “FFlagGameBasicSettingsFramerateCap2” got a 120fps option but lost the 30fps option.

I hope the 30fps option would be returned as it would be useful for 60hz screens. Having a 30fps option would personally be very useful for me since my laptop can’t keep up a consistent 60 frames in most games and the frame rates would often drop to 40-50fps. Also I suggest to add a 90fps option because a lot of low-end/mid-range phones that are being released recently come with 90hz screens.

In the description it is being said that “frames beyond the display’s refresh rate won’t be shown” but it still shows 120fps, 144fps and 240fps options for me even though my screen’s refresh rate is 60hz. Hope this gets fixed before it gets officially released.


Anyone can spoof the API response from though. How are you going to remove that?


Me when I don’t understand why FFlags exist: