Fastcast bullet offsetting

Hello, im trying to make guns, and I have one issue. My bullets not starting from firepoint, they’re highly offseting when you making high muzzle velocity. I think it’s all because of onLenghtChanged function, which snaps bullet at same time when it spawned.

You need to spawn the bullet in and wait one frame first.
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That’s not problem right now, I switched from fast cast to raycast already. And I basically can’t wait one frame I guess, because event binded every time. And on length changed fires when bullet moves.

I have had this problem as well, and what is happening is that the bullet is placed in view and the trail is turned on in the second frame after firing because you update the bullet position on the lengthChanged. When the bullet is created it does not fire the lengthChanged, and wont until the next frame.

Did you figure out the problem, I still havent figure this out yet