Fastcast bullets hitting eachother

Hello, I am making a gun system using fast cast but when I shoot the bullets will sometimes hit each other for some reason and I don’t know how to fix it. The bullet hole is where the bullet lands once it touches something it will clone the bullet hole there. I’ve already tried to do collision groups but it didn’t seem to work.

Ive not used fastcast for a while, im gonna use it soon for a commission.

Im 99% sure you need to specify a blacklist/whitelist for your rayparams in fastcast.

Id recommend putting all the bullets into a folder then blacklisting them so they dont interact with eachother?


set canquery proprety to false, or add the bullets to the raycast’s blacklist


Assuming you have a bullet template you should just be able to add the template to the blacklist, since fast cast uses the template, so hence when you clone it, it should technically get added to the Exclude list. If anything just make a folder named BulletsFolder in workspace and exclude that

also pro tip; dont use fastcast, make ur own projectile module

Why would I make my own and what is wrong with fastcast lots of gun systems use fastcast.

outdated doesnt have a lot of features and is not lightweight

Okay, well im going to continue using it as I don’t know how to make my own module.

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