FastCast Changelog Thread

FastCast V5.0.16 - Cosmetic projectile utilities.


+ Appended a parameter to all cast functions named "CosmeticBulletObject".
+ Appended a returned value for "CosmeticBulletObject" in both LengthChanged and RayHit
+ Appended a forced check that will prevent the ray from hitting the cosmetic bullet.
 *** Please look at the API for details and the updated code.
FastCast V4.0.62 - The Physics Update


+ Appended property: Gravity
+ Appended property: ExtraForce
+ Appended property: HasPhysics
+ Appended new casting methods (internally) that use these new properties to
  run the physics problems.
- Removed the RayLength property
* Improved code by generalizing functions. It no longer uses the same
  functions with slight edits pasted over and over again.
* Changed the LengthChanged event to now return the origin of the cast,
  the start of the current segment, the direction of the segment, and
  the length of the current segment.

(See the API for more details.)

New resources and API docs

I decided to shorten the header of the module quite a bit by moving the changelog to threads like this one. I also moved the API over to my own dedicated github page. Check it out here:

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