Fastest way to learn scripting?

  1. What do you want to achieve?

I want to know of the fastest ways to learn scripting, if there are any.

  1. What is the issue?

I can barely script and it’s difficult to learn.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?

Watching YouTube tutorials mainly, however I keep forgetting stuff and have to go back and rewatch to relearn what I forgot.


Practice makes perfect in my experience. I’d recommend following tutorials on the “core” systems of scripting on Roblox and then putting them to practice from memory. After being able to memorise and understand those, move on to advanced methods etc.


Unfortunately, there are no faster ways to learn, except through practical scripting only. If you script with experience, you will learn.

Moreover, I have this post made earlier.


Your on the right path towards becoming a good scripter, just keep doing what your doing along with all the solutions mentioned above, tip : be patient as it make take years to learn, even more if this is your first time learning


I’m wondering if practicing my problem solving abilities would help with my journey, as scripting is pretty much problem solving and some math. I’ll continue trying and maybe in a few months or even years I come back with a post like @Operatik made when he couldn’t learn either.

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Tutorials are really good to show you how to do things but the real learning comes in when you start doing it yourself without guidance from a tutorial. Kinda like muscle memory, “Ok i need to accomplish this so these are the steps i should take”. Use open sourced projects to your advantage, IMO the best way to learn how to code certain things (especially on roblox) is to see how other people did it. Take what you see, learn from it, build off of it and eventually you will have a better understanding on how to handle certain aspects of a game. “This is how they handled their player data? Ill try to code something similar to this” and along the way you’ll learn little tricks and things to use to help you.


There is no fast track to learn how to do anything if you care about being thorough and proper about it. There is also the case of learning something incorrectly and keeping that knowledge until it comes up in a place where someone is able to provide feedback or corrections.

Frankly though, you shouldn’t really have that much issue in learning how to code, depending on what you’re focusing on. Writing code is not hard at all. Understanding the logic behind the code, using code to construct systems and learning language nuances is where you’ll be putting most of your effort towards learning.