FastLog Console - Access hidden internal debugger logs on Studio & Client

Roblox-FastLog-Console is a diagnostic tool that bridges the gap for Roblox developers by giving access to the internal console logs utilized by Roblox engineers. These logs, often hidden from the developers play a role in:

  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting within professional development environments

Key Features:

  • Broad Log Access: Not just limited to FastLog calls, Roblox-FastLog-Console also captures internal Roblox API behaviour, standard console logs, metrics, and more.
  • Error Identification: Identifies runtime errors that Roblox doesn’t show for potential crash causes, bugs in the Roblox software, compiler errors, and more.

Important note:

I understand that some users might be skeptical about this, assuming it’s somehow against policy. However, to assure you that it’s not, it’s important to state that these logs go through a known Win32 Debug API called OutputDebugString, which many Visual Studio-built applications depend on for debugging purposes. Also, this debug information is also sent to dump files on your machine that Roblox uses for analytics in regards to crashes, bugs, and much more. So yeah, my tool offers a real-time feed of this data for Studio and the Player client to help developers identify issues where available Roblox debug tools cannot help.


Could any of our regular lua scripts invoke a message in this console? If so, it could be hooked onto in Bloxstrap to implement a less invasive Discord rich presence system!

Hi, as mentioned in the key features it does capture standard console logs that’d originate from scripts. Interesting idea though.

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The issue is it’s current implementation is that it uses print. I was hoping we could find a different solution that doesn’t use the console! I’d imagine it could be hacky, like by using a very old unknown service…