Favorite a private message?

Ok so I use Archive to basically delete a message even though it doesn’t really delete it. my inbox is either recent private messages or messages I really need but I thought It would be nice to have one more option called favorite messages where you can favorite a message so that you don’t loose it. sometimes my inbox gets too full and I just can’t go through and see the messages I need so I have to archive all.

another one is to have an option to actually delete a message like so that it doesn’t show up anywhere for you so that we can use archive or important stuff.

What I just read is “I misuse the favoriting feature so I want a second favoriting feature”.

That’s what archive is for. You can’t request a second archive just because you used the first one improperly.

Since you apparently archive to delete, why not just not archive the ones you want to keep?

Because an inbox should be clean ( in my opinion ) and there should be a delete feature ( in my opinion )

Ok what I said may have sounded a bit “Hey I have a problem and I want you guys to solve it because I don’t wanna use your stuff the right way…”

I’m not sure if the “Delete Message” thing have been suggested before I’m pretty sure I saw it somewhere… THATS where I thought ok… if this isn’t gonna happen then can we have away we can have away to get rid of the messages you don’t like OR have away where you can save important messages.

If you don’t like this idea or think anything like that then I’m sorry we have different opinions. I just wish this idea gets seen and considered.

If they were ever going to do something like this, they’d do an email-type thing where you could send a message to specific folders.

However, I dont see this happening.

Dynamic folders would be nice. You know, there’d be the Inbox folder and then I could make a “Junk” folder, a “Farming with Friends” folder and any other organisational folder that I want.