Favorite SCPs (Poll)

Greetings there! I am Aensvey and I am looking to gather some data for a game I’ll be creating, for that I’ll need all of you to vote on your favorite SCP (if it is present on the list below).

Favorite SCP
  • SCP-106 “The Old Man”
  • SCP-610 “The Flesh that Hates”
  • SCP-173 “The Sculpture”
  • SCP-049 “Plaque Doctor”
  • SCP-662 “Butler’s Hand-bell”
  • SCP-682 “Hard to Kill Reptile”
  • SCP-1983 “Doorway to Nowhere”
  • SCP-387 “The Living Legos”
  • SCP-024 “Game Show of Death”
  • SCP-096 “Shy Guy”
  • SCP-783 “The Crooked Man”
  • SCP-457 “The Burning Man”
  • SCP-035 “Possessive Mask”
  • SCP-1678 “Un-London”
  • SCP-323 “Wendigo Skull”
  • SCP-076 “Able”
  • SCP-2317 “Doorway to Another World”
  • SCP-093 “Red Sea”
  • SCP-3199 “Humans Refuted”

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(Thanks for voting! This data will help me out a lot!)


This is probably something better asked in your community rather than on the Developer Forum. SCP is a rather niche thing (though it’s been gaining traction lately due to larger groups as well as their “ease to create”) and there isn’t much context here. As far as we’re concerned, these are just numbers and words in a poll.

Community polling in a place more familiar with this topic would be much better for you to understand what enthusiasts of that genre like rather than the Roblox Developer Forum which does not exactly cater to these very specific niches. If you’re polling developers, then it should be a development-related poll and there should be context so people know what exactly they’re voting for.


I’d start with the most popular ones: 173, 096, 106, 049, 457, etc because people simply like them and they have multiple implementation possibilities. If you’re picking “static” SCPs (such as 012), I’d say you should go for both popular and unknown ones. It’s pretty much all about variety - the more SCPs you’ve got, the more testing opportunities there are.

However, some of them can be much harder to implement than others (for example 682 or 387). Make sure you don’t forget about that.