.fbx file not showing any color

I am trying to make a tree model into a mesh. But when I export the model to blender, it looks like this:

People say that fbx files will contain everything about the model, including the color. But when I export it as an fbx file, this happens:

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 10.28.11 PM

How do I fix this? I tried looking it up but I had no luck in trying to fix this problem.

When you export to Blender the file retains its colors because it has materials for each chunk giving it those colors. Roblox however does not save these materials when exporting it back to Studio.

You need to UV Map it so that you can apply a texture to it and when making the texture paint the parts you want whatever colors you want.


Vertex paint should also work for them if they don’t want to texture although it might be a longer lesson on color correctness it’s still worth it :woman_shrugging:


Hi there torch!

I’m not too sure how to do it with fbx, but if you use obj, then here’s a great tutorial showing how to texture, and then export.

I’ve always used .obj, so kinda curious about fbx, is it the same but better?

I think obj lets you import the colors on mesh as well.

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