[ FCW ] Terminal Usage Guide

TERM ENABLED: Toggles visibility of the main terminal interface.
OFFICIAL: Activates the capture pads and other functions if enabled like rotation or outscore.
RESET TEAM SCORE ON CAPTURE: Resets the opposing teams score on capture.
SELECT MODE: Select between Domination (static points) or Hardpoint (single points).
CAPTURE POINTS: The amount of capture points. (Max 4.)
ROUND TIME: The time until the terminal goes unofficial.
MAX SCORE: The max capture time the teams can get.
BLUE SCORE: The current capture time the blue team has.
RED SCORE: The current capture time the red team has.
OUTSCORE: The max amount of deaths a player can have before there teamed overseers. (0 = No outscore. Does work with terminal not active.)
RESET POINT CAPTURES: Resets the “capture progress” on all terminal points to neutral.
RESET TERMINAL: Resets everything on the terminal, defaults all settings and removes all points.


HP ROTATE RANGE: X & Y range of the time till the point rotates.
ROTATE POINTS: The amount of points the capture point can rotate to. (Max 6.) (Green node is the starting rotation point, orange nodes are the other rotation points.)

Points and pads spawn in the middle of the map.

Use the F3X tool (:f3x) to move the capture and rotate points to your liking on the map, they will spawn in the middle of the map on the bridge.